Korean Language Course Level 2 (한국어 2)

Course Summary:

  • Duration: 10 weeks (30Hrs)
  • Batch Size: Maximum 12
  • Class: Online class by the facilitator
  • Study Materials: Provided by the facilitator
  • Days: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Time: 7 pm to 8 30 pm
  • Demo Class: Available
  • Course Fee: INR 9500 6500

I. Key Takeaways from the Course:

  • Learner will be able to make sentences in both honorific and informal forms of language.
  • Will be able to understand and make sentences using present past and future tense endings.
  • Will be able to understand and answer hearing Korean audio clips
  • Ableto write sentences based on everyday activities
  • Complete preparation for TOPIK 1 (Upto level 2)

II. Course Highlights:

  • Intensive 10 weeks course.
  • Coverage of level 2 of TOPIK 1. TOPIK is official test of Korean language by Korean Govt.
  • The course is well designed with a mix of Vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening exercises
  • Focus on practice of listening and speaking with regular feedback from facilitator
  • Complete preparation for TOPIK including solving of mock test papers

III. Who Should Join:

  • Learners who have basic knowledge of Korean language
  • Students who can make simple sentences using basic grammar.
  • Has a long term objective of making a career using Korean Language as a skill
  • Planning to pursue higher studies in Korean Universities
  • Planning to crack level 1 of TOPIK exam.

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