Korean Language Courses in India

A) Korean Language Course at Indian University
  • 1. JNU – Centre for Korean Studies (CKS)
  • 2. Korean Courses at Delhi University
  • (i) DU Colleges with Korean courses
    (ii) Department of East Asian Studies
  • 3. JMI (Faculty of Humanities and Languages)
  • 4. Korean Education in Manipur University
  • 5. Bengaluru Central University (Centre for Global Studies)
  • 6. BHU (Arts Faculty)
  • 7. English and Foreign Language University (EFLU), Hyderabad
  • 8. Nalanda University (School of Languages and Literature)
  • 9. Central University of Jharkhand (Centre for Far East Languages)
  • 10. IGNOU (School of Foreign Languages)

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